Working with multi-sector organisations to build

Strategy, internal capabilities and processes for growth

Our clients are multi-sector global technology firms, arts and culture organisations, State Agencies and Universities.

We work with leadership teams to drive growth and sales.
We are creative, practical, problem-solvers, with real-world experience.
We lead, facilitate and execute.

What we do

Recent projects

Strategic development

for the largest global science museum network.

Lead nurturing and marketing automation

Developed product segments and automated lead funnels for sales development.

Program development

for European incubators and accelerators.

Sales enablement

Enabled the sales team with messaging, automation and account based targeting to influence decision makers.

Leadership Development

C Suite consulting, working with a leading international ed tech company to roll-out a company wide leadership program

Fundraising strategy lead

securing investment for an EU creative technology consortium.

three steps to success

Preparing for the next stage

To find a solution, first we have to understand the problem. Our experienced team of industry experts will conduct the following process:



We conduct in-depth research and analysis of your business, your competitors and your market to find cutting edge solutions for your business.



We help you discover who you are NOW and identify the key challenges and priorities of a growth-stage business.



We help you increase sales by implementing a proven demand generation and growth marketing methodology for your business

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Mary Carty

Senior Partner

Alan O'Rourke

Senior Partner

Christie Mullen

Head of Finance

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Some of Our Clients

OpenJaw Technologies
Science Gallery International
Scurri Ecommerce Delivery
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

“The ultimate solutions to problems are rational; the process of finding them is not.”

J. P. Guilford

we are good at what we do


We help you discover who you are NOW and identify the key challenges and priorities of a growth-stage business. Wilson and Keys works at the intersection of strategy, technology and sales to give your company a competitive advantage

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